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10 Tips on How to Get Girls

A lot of guys want to know how to get girls easily. Unfortunately, nobody is born with the talent to get girls. It comes with a lot of experience, mistakes and disappointments. And even then not everyone is learning equally fast. And not everyone can master the art of how to get girls.

Below you will find 10 important tips about how to get girls. If you learn these tips you might really be successful in man-woman communication.

1. Be yourself and act natural
This is the foremost rule of any interaction. Girls feel almost instantly when you are trying to imitate someone. You are the one she is supposed to get interested in, make her interested in a a person you are not can backfire.

2. Be confident
Being confident does not mean being arrogant. Believe in yourself but don’t act like the world owes you something. For women confidence radiates security, and they lean on it.

3. Be a challenge
Women like challenges. They always try to prove a point, and if you challenge her she will eventually get interested.

4. Do your homework
Get to know what she likes and dislikes, about her habits. Books, movies, music she likes. Pay attention to anything she says. Use this information wisely. You don’t have to pretend that you like the same things, but at least you will be warned of what better not to say.

5. Be a gentleman
There is no harm in being polite, respectful and kind. Don’t interrupt er when she is talking, pull her chair, open the door, give compliments.

6. Remember things she says
Remember important dates, wish on special occasions, and don’t forget things she mentioned. Listen attentively. If you ask about something she already had said, she will get an impression that you don’t care about what you say.

7. Ask questions
Asking questions will show her that you are genuinely interested in her.

8. Keep promises
If you said you will pick her up at 7pm, then pick her up at 7pm. If you said you would call tomorrow, then call her tomorrow. Keep your word and earn her trust.

9. Make her laugh
Girls appreciate a good sense of humor. Just don’t go mean with it. As long as you make her smile and laugh she will feel comfortable in your company. And it will add to your chances to get this girl.

10. Be different

In order to get girls notice you you have to stand out of the crowd. Find something that makes you different and make it be noticeable. Be creative, be positive, and bring your strengths into focus.

It is not as complicated to get girls as you might think. Just work a little bit on yourself, make sure you look good, and be ready with a compliment or a joke. If you follow our tips on how to get girls this won’t be a challenge for you anymore.

Bill has been a pick up artist for the last 5 years in NYC and can teach you the skills you need to be one. The original article can be found here: 10 Tips On How To Get Girls.

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